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Artisan’s Cellar

Branding · Creative Direction · identity design · Logo Design


Now in their sixth year, Artisan’s Cellar has cultivated a portfolio distributing wines selected by eight importers, their own hand-picked direct imports, and wine in other formats. Their Italian selections, driven by tradition and the relationship between food and wine, have grown to represent nearly all of the country’s 20 regions.

As creative director and co-designer, I worked with my team to develop the new mark and brand guidelines for Artisan’s Cellar.  We underwent a detailed exploration of new designs, developing several hundred drafts throughout the process until ultimately arriving at the final treatment.

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Zavino Hospitality Group

Creative Direction


As creative director, I worked with my awesome design and development team to help re-design the Zavino Hospitality Group website. We worked to put together a simple, vertical flow for the site that utilizes responsive design and parallax scrolling, while alternating between beautiful full bleed images and sections of typographic content. Presently, Zavino Hospitality Group has three restaurant locations, and those were organized into a convenient landing page to easily toggle between all three websites.  The design also features a separate user portal with a directory of investor content.

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NKH Poster

Graphic Design


This project came together fairly quickly, over a few days in our offices at Neff. It started with a list of phrases on our white board in the creative department. We wanted to identify all the “Neffisms” or common phrases that are typically used in the office. One of the most frequently used terms is “NKH,” or “No Kina Hurras.” It is a Yiddish phrase that roughly translates to the idea warning off evil spirits, or basically, “don’t jinx it.” Everyone at Neff often uses this term to essentially “knock on wood.”

The poster is something that I designed and then illustrated based off of the concept that the NHK become a dimensional, typographic mark. I wanted to mimic a maze, to reference the idea that each project within the agency is it’s own maze and challenge to navigate.

HC Pody

Branding · identity design · Logo Design


Throughout the phases of the HC Pody project I functioned sometimes as head designer and other times as creative director. During the initial logo and identity development, I worked as a designer with my creative team to help re-brand the building and construction management company into a more modern, visually interesting aesthetic. For the development of their new responsive website, I functioned as creative director, working with my designers and head developer to oversee the project from start to finish.

For the new brand, we determined with the client that we wanted to utilize an icon to reference the aspect of building, via a simple, geometric form. We constructed a dimensional, block-style “p” as a new modern icon, and paired that with a modest, sans serif typeface for the word mark.

Core States Group

Creative Direction


As creative director, I worked with my design and development team to help re-design the Core States Group website. As our most recent website launch at Neff Associates, we worked with the client to design and build a robust website that addressed their diverse customer base, as well as outlined their vast array of unique yet integrated services. Our team worked to establish an intuitive user interface to ensure that users could quickly locate the specific information they needed, regardless of their device. My team and I were involved in every aspect of this project with objectives ranging from the initial site map to design and selecting photography to final testing of the development link across all web browsers.

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21st Century Cyber Charter School

Advertising · Branding · identity design · Logo Design


Established in 2001, 21st Century Cyber Charter School serves Pennsylvania students in grades 6 through 12, and features the best academic track record of any cyber charter school in the state. 21CCCS provides students with a flexible, individualized learning environment catered to meet specific student needs.

As creative director, I worked with my amazing design team to develop the logo through a multi-step process that spanned several weeks. The process began with preliminary hand sketches, and from there transitioned to digital drafts. We worked with the client to excavate the various characteristics that they were responding to, and ultimately arrived at the mark you see. It seamlessly pairs the bold, streamlined eagle with the brand name.

As the re-brand of the identity system wrapped up, my team and I also designed and executed an integrated advertising campaign featuring actual 21CCCS students, parents and teachers.  The creative spanned across online, out-of-home, print and radio platforms, and was developed to coincide with the start of the new school year.

Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop

Branding · Logo Design


For more than six decades, Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop has been serving the finest cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. It all began in 1949 when the original owner Samuel “Chink” Sherman opened a quaint mom-and-pop steak shop in Northeast Philadelphia – Chink’s Steaks. With a humble beginning, serving only steak sandwiches with or without onions, Chink’s popularity continued to grow, securing their place among Philadelphia’s top cheesesteak destinations.

Current Owner Joe Groh began his career at Chink’s Steaks in his early adolescence, cutting meat and peeling onions in the basement. Joe grew up in the restaurant and, shortly after Sam passed, he purchased the business from the Sherman family in 1999. Joe vowed to run the famous steak shop with the same traditions and quality Sam did.

After years of protest and debate, Joe decided it was time to change the name of his business. On April 1st of 2013, Chink’s Steaks was officially renamed as Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop. Emotions ran high during this difficult time, but Joe stands by the decision. Joe’s Steaks is still serving the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia with the same 66-year-old recipe. They are now also serving Philadelphia their same great products in their newly-opened, second location in Fishtown.

As head designer throughout my ongoing multi-year relationship with Joe’s, I’ve overseen the development of all projects, including the design of their new logo and identity. The idea behind the logo is to recall the vintage vibe and aesthetic of the restaurant, with simultaneous hints of modern elements.

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Chase Lenfest

Creative Direction


For this project, my team and I worked to design and develop a new personal website for Philadelphia business leader and philanthropist, Chase Lenfest. He came to us with the desire to create a website that showcased both his personal and professional accomplishments. As creative director, I worked with my design and development team at Neff, along with Chase, to create dynamic content, art direct photo and video shoots and build a unique user interface that is optimized for every device from desktop to mobile.

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East River Bank

Advertising · Branding


As creative director and head designer on this account, East River Bank challenged me and my team with helping to identify what makes them different, while also raising their visibility throughout the local Philadelphia market. With locations in three thriving Philadelphia neighborhoods, East River Bank wanted to expand their market reach and name recognition through advertising and social media support.

My team and I wanted to address what makes East River Bank different from all other banks, and highlight those characteristics through the advertising. From that initial goal we came up with the Bank Local campaign, which features images of local small business owners and East River Bank customers. Through print, outdoor, online and social media advertising, we detailed why these people chose to Bank Local with East River Bank, and the community-minded aspects that help the bank stand out from all the other “big bank” chains. With all the technological features of a larger bank, but with a more personal, neighborhood feel, East River Bank is a bank for “real” Philadelphians.

Goodwill Industries

Advertising · Branding · identity design


Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia came to our agency already part of one of the most recognizable brands in the world. However, beyond the inclusion of the famous Goodwill icon, their regional branding and identity needed an overhaul. Acting as head designer, I worked with my creative team to provide Goodwill Industries with an extensive brand refresh and new cohesive corporate identity. We worked closely with the Goodwill team to update their regional logo, corporate identity, signage program, collateral materials, website, and social media.

My team and I also developed the Goodwill Proud corporate poster and advertising campaign, which was later extended to in-store graphics, additional collateral, and e-marketing pieces. The goal of the campaign was to not only identify some of the actual Goodwill employees that the public’s donations help to support, but also showcase the overwhelming sense of pride each person has for being a member of the Goodwill family and community.

Marc Summers Productions

Branding · identity design · Logo Design


Marc Summers, TV Personality, Award-Winning Producer and Entertainer came to us with the goal of creating a long-overdue brand for his diversified talent and businesses. Together with my creative team, we developed a distinctive brand and corporate identity as well as an innovative, website that makes it fun to explore Mr. Summers’ decades of success. The final logo mark references the individual facets of his talents that come together under one cohesive brand.

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Old City Fest

Creative Direction · Graphic Design


October 2014 marked the first annual Old City Fest in Philadelphia. Along with handling PR, Social Media, and Advertising services for the event, Neff Associates also worked on custom, handmade artwork for promotional materials. The creative team and I developed poster artwork for the event featuring hand drawn typography that was cut out, painted and adhered to small wooden pegs. Those stilt-like pegs were glued to a large sheet of watercolor paper and the entire piece was photographed. With the text elevated on the pegs, it created a natural shadow element to the piece.

Additionally, my team hand cut custom leaf shapes in various wood blocks, and made leaf prints around the text in gold ink. The piece was rounded out with secondary hand drawn text for the event information, as well as the incorporation of all event sponsors. As a whole, the event artwork was a completely customized piece of autumn-inspired handmade craft.

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