Neff Associates

During the design process for the new Neff website, my creative team and I wanted to create a series of intro slides that overlay on top of each other as the opening sequence of the homepage. We devised the concept of producing a slide to represent the core areas of service within the agency. The series includes a slide for Creative, Media Strategy, PR and Social Media, and Branding.

The first slide is a water color painting of the Neff icon, created by my head designer to represent our creative services. The second slide is an architectural style layout that represents the planning and structure of our Media department. The third slide is a hand-crafted collage of newspaper and magazine clippings to illustrate the services the PR and Social Media department at Neff. Lastly, we have an image of the Neff Associates, metallic icon sign in our agency’s lobby. Developed by myself and our signage partner, this sign is a physical representation of our Branding services.

Author: adam

creative director // philadelphia