Drone Video

A few months ago we began working with a new Center City real estate project,and in conjunction with that I commissioned and worked as creative director on a drone video to help showcase the property. This video was a preliminary concept video, shot in a few hours by the awesome Matt Satell of Philly By Air. From his footage, I did some rudimentary editing work within the GoPro editing suite, to compose the video above.

The general idea was to pan across Center City, facing East and moving from North to South. The camera then approaches the site of the new property, slowly rising to the level that will eventually be the roof of the property. From there the camera pans across the Southern view, then the Northern view. Afterward it slowly pans out. Again, this was simply a preliminary concept video; created to give the client an idea of what we can do. Ultimately, the goal would be to secure a proper budget to film a higher-end version.

Author: adam

creative director // philadelphia