Spring Garden School

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have the chance to explore the abandoned Spring Garden School in North Philadelphia with a few friends. I had been intrigued by this place for a long time. I’ve driven past it many times and always wondered why it closed, if it would ever be repurposed for anything else, and what the city looked like from the top of that arched, caged basketball court on the roof. With the encouragement of a few friends who were also interested, we spent an overcast Sunday afternoon checking it out.

The first step was gaining access. I’ve always been hesitant to enter abandoned buildings, yet I’ve also been increasingly drawn to them in recent years. I’m attracted to the visual of things and places that have become neglected. I’m also more and more curious about the story behind these places, and why they are now in the condition they’re in. Why did this school meet it’s end? Most likely it was just one in a long line of casualties that have recently hit the Philadelphia school system. My explorations didn’t provide me with any answers, but it did leave me with more questions and interest.

After some climbing and struggling, we were inside and exploring all the floors. Everything is in shambles, with various Philly graffiti throughout. The roof itself proved to be worth the adventure. We hung out up there for a while enjoying the view, and just relaxing with the idea that for that brief time the place was being put to use again.

Author: adam

creative director // philadelphia